Horrorlearner.com is a website that was started in June 30th, 2018. I am going to share more details about the site. Horror means something really bad and learner means gaining knowledge. Hence horror learner means learning from the bad experiences and also making sure that such bad times do not repeat themselves.

I named this site as horrorlearner.com because

  1.  I like to learn from my bad experiences
  2. To avoid repetition of errors
  3. To prevent bad things from happening

This is a user friendly website which aims at providing valuable content based on your requirements and also based on my personal likes, tastes, experiences and preferences.

I also focus more on the learner part.

Hence I provide information on the following three major areas:

  1. Money making tips and ideas-Some tips and websites are also an outcome of my own personal experiences with the website or brand. But that doesn’t essentially mean that I can guarantee you of any returns for two reasons.Firstly, because I do not own the website that I provide reviews for and I do not have any control over their domain. Secondly, I am just another human being who has used their website in the past and I just share knowledge and experiences of my own. Doesn’t essentially mean that your experience and my experience will be the same
  2. Technology related stuff- Technology is fun and interesting. I personally love technology and hence I like to write more about them.
  3. Horror learner special- This is where I write articles and stories which will help you learn more about life. In this section I will give more advises related to problems, how to deal with situations, moral stories,etc.
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