How to complete surveys/take the survey and tips

How to complete surveys? Surveys need to be completed as soon as they are sent to you either by email or when you login to the survey websites. It is advisable that you complete them

How to complete surveys?

Surveys need to be completed as soon as they are sent to you either by email or when you login to the survey websites. It is advisable that you complete them in one sitting that is when you take the survey first make sure you complete it then itself.

Please note: There are two types of surveys one is paid and the other is unpaid. In this article I am talking only about paid surveys. Paid surveys are those that pay you when you qualify and successfully complete the entire survey by providing honest and valuable inputs.

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How can you take the survey?

You can take the survey either on smartphone, tablet, phablet, computer or laptop. There are also surveys that are taken in person or by phone call.

Tips to earn more from surveys:

Everyone likes to earn more from surveys. But every time you hit the disqualification button. Oh that is disappointing. Hence I have written an article that might help you earn more from surveys.

The following tips will surely help you earn more money from survey websites. The below tips need to be followed on a daily basis for maximum results:

Tip 1

You need to keep a separate email id  for survey websites-

You need to create a separate email id and use it only for survey websites. Doing so will help you keep track of the surveys. It also helps you in taking surveys on time every time.

Tip 2

You need to signup to the legit websites only

Make a research and join only those websites which are paying their members on time every time.

Tip 3

You should not pay even a single dime

If any survey company promises to make you rich by taking surveys it is a scam. Also sites that ask you for a registration fee are scams. You shouldn’t pay even a single dime to such websites as genuine survey websites are free to join and free to use!

Tip 4

You need to join as  many survey websites as possible –

The more survey websites you join the more you earn. Hence sign up to multiple websites using the same email id that you have kept for survey websites.

Tip 5

Login daily-

Logging in daily will help you in keeping track of your surveys. Whenever a new survey is available you can easily take them by logging in. Hence you need to login daily

Tip 6

Login more than once a day

You need to login during the mornings , evenings and even during the night.  New surveys are added throughout the day. Hence you need to login daily to make sure you don’t miss out on them

Tip 7

Fill out more profile surveys

The more profile surveys you fill the more the chances of you getting selected for a survey. A profile survey helps the survey website to send you surveys that are the correct for you

Tip 8

Don’t forget to update your profile surveys-

Updating your profile survey will help the survey company to send you more and more relevant surveys. Supposing you are buying a new car, a new bike, a new house, a new jewel,etc. you need to update them in your profiles. Doing so you will get surveys related to cars, bikes, house,etc. The surveys are based on what  you have updated in your profiles

Tip 9

Refer as many people as possible  using your referral link-

There are many survey websites which pay you money for referring others to their website.  The more you refer the more you earn!

Tip 10

Provide valuable feedback

Always remember the basis of a survey. The basis of a survey is to collect customer opinions and make better products for sale in the market. Hence you need to provide good and meaningful feedback while taking surveys. Doing so will not only give you more rewards but will also make you eligible for future surveys!


Following the above tips will surely help you in earning extra cash from taking surveys online.

You can generate recurring income from surveys and you cannot depend on surveys as a source of livelihood. Because there is not guarantee on the frequency of surveys but they sure are an additional source of income.

You get paid for your opinion! Make sure that you do your own research and join only legit survey websites.



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