Globaltestmarket meaning, Globaltestmarket review, signup and login

Before I share my honest review with you guys, I’d like to discuss on some basics. Hence for the ones who don’t know, I have first written what is global test market, why I like

Before I share my honest review with you guys, I’d like to discuss on some basics. Hence for the ones who don’t know, I have first written what is global test market, why I like global testmarket, how to signup at globaltestmarket, followed by a conclusion.

What is globaltestmarket?

Globaltestmarket is an online survey website that pays its members for taking surveys.

Started in 1999 and is over 19 years old!

There is no need to pay anything to join this website as it is free to join and use

This site is open to members worldwide and it accepts members all over the world. The below link contains the countries from which globaltestmarket  is accepting registrations. Click on the below  link to see if you can join.

Is it available in my country?

After clicking on the above link click on CTRL F  and type “Is GlobalTestMarket available in my country?” By clicking on ctrl f  and typing the sentence mentioned above you will easily be able to read through if your eligible or not.

You needn’t have to search through the FAQs  if you follow the method that I’ve  mentioned above.

My review of globaltestmarket is one of my favourite survey websites. They provide short surveys, long surveys and medium lengthed surveys.

Whenever you complete a survey successfully  you get points. These points are called life points You can redeem using life points.

Before they called their points as market points but now they have changed it as life points.

I like it because of the following reasons:

  • They always pay on time. I have been using them since 2013 and I must say that I was always paid on time.
  • The surveys that they send are interesting
  • Your survey points are credited instantly and you can also take surveys from laptops, computers, tablets or even smartphones for that matter!
  • I also like their redemption options. They have a variety of redemption options such as cheques, PayPal, Amazon vouchers, charity,etc.
  • You can contact customer service if you are facing any issues.

I do not like it for the following reasons:

  • You cannot take all surveys on smartphone as some surveys are device specific and you need to take the surveys based on the device that they recommend. Let us say for instance that you are taking a laptop survey on smartphone the survey link will not work.
  • Your survey points do not credit sometimes even if you have completed it due to technical issues
  • Also some surveys state that you should complete it in one sitting. If you take the survey now and want to continue it later you will not be able to do so. You need to complete it immediately without pausing

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How to signup at globaltestmarket?

  1. Go to the official link of globaltestmarket to signup. If you don’t know the official website then click on this link.
  2. Select your gender and fill all your details and click on get started now.
  3. In the next page you need to continue registration by filling all the details accurately and click on submit
  4. After you click on submit, globaltestmarket will send you a signup confirmation link. You need to click on it to verify your account.

How to login at globaltestmarket?

After signing up you need to login to globaltestmarket daily to see if you have new surveys. Of course survey invitations are send out by email but it is always good to login and see if new surveys are added. That way you will not miss out on any survey.

Click on the below link to login to globaltestmarket

Login link


I have been using globaltestmarket since 2013 and I must say my experience with them in the past 5 years is great. They always send me an email whenever a new survey is available. Also for every survey they ask for my honest feedback to know if I enjoyed taking the  survey or not.

I like using this site very much because the surveys that they send are interesting. Most of the surveys I complete credit instantly which is great.

They also have a support system which you can use to contact them in case you don’t receive your rewards on time and they respond as soon as possible.

So overall this is indeed a great site which I use to earn some pocket money in my free time.



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