Internet serious business/legit online business/work parttime

Internet serious business in this context refers to earning a reasonable amount of money using the internet.But you need to work smart though because hard work alone isn’t enough. Let us see the various ways in

Internet serious business in this context refers to earning a reasonable amount of money using the internet.But you need to work smart though because hard work alone isn’t enough. Let us see the various ways in which we can earn money online in a legit manner. Read the entire post to understand entirely about Internet serious business.

Internet serious business 1:

Uploading YouTube videos-

This is one of the best ways to earn online.  In other words, YouTube is one of the best way to do some internet serious business. YouTube provides you with one of the best platforms where you can not only showcase your talent but also earn money for the same!! Isn’t that great?

The best part is that YouTube is free to join.

So how can you earn money from YouTube?

Firstly, you need to have your own channel on YouTube. In case you don’t have one, you need to create one.

Secondly, you need to make great  and interesting videos that will drive audience or people to your channel. These videos should be your own. No copied content is allowed.

Thirdly, You need to upload these great and interesting videos  to your own channel.

Fourthly, Once you reach 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time you can apply for earning money with YouTube.

Subscribers are those people who have subscribed to your channel

Watch time refers to the time your videos were watched by other people. Hence within a year that you started your channel you need to have a minimum of 4000 hours of watch time to be eligible to apply for earning money on YouTube.

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Things to keep in mind before starting your channel

  1. Start a channel only on legal stuff. Above all,start a channel in which you have a lot of knowledge that you like to share or something in which you are good at and others enjoy it too.
  2. Be creative and unique. Do not copy others work
  3. Try to make the content more interesting and valuable so that the audience will feel like watching more videos.
  4. Most importantly, you need to have a great audience. Only when people are watching your videos will you be able to earn more. So the content you create should not only be visually appealing to the audience but it is should also make them subscribe to your channel by enabling notifications. By clicking on notifications they will not miss even a single video
  5. In conclusion, never start a YouTube channel with the intention of making money. Start it as a hobby something you do only during your free time. Bring out great content which will help your audience. Do not think more about money because if you don’t earn it then you will be very disappointed. Just start it as a hobby and work consistently.


  • An easy way to earn money online if you have a lot of subscribers and views.
  • It is free to join
  • It is one of the best platforms to showcase your talent and at the same time earn some extra cash or a lot of cash based on the number of subscribers,location and views !!


  • The competition is too high-Not so easy to gain subscribers and views with the existing competition. . Did you know that for every minute, Yes you heard that right every minute, 300 hours of video are added to YouTube. So you can like as well imagine how high the competition is to earn on YouTube!

Internet serious business 2:


Blogging refers to writing articles based on a particular niche on your website your blog. It could either be a self hosted blog such as a free word-press blog or a blog at Blogging is one of the best ways to kill your time. In order to do blogging you need to have a thorough knowledge and idea about the subject that you are choosing to blog about because people are going to rely on your content.

Hence the blog that you are going to write about should give value to the readers. You just can’t blog about anything and everything(until or unless it is your personal blog) For example -If you travel a lot and have a lot of exposure and knowledge in travelling you could start a travel blog.

Types of blogs

Technology blog

Food blog

Travel blog

Lifestyle blog

Educational blog

Career related blog

Beauty blog

Finance related blog

Internet serious business 3:


In the simplest words, it refers to earning money by using your skills. The best part is freelancing jobs are free to join. You needn’t have to pay them a single dime for joining. They pay you instead for your skills and commitment.

In freelancing there are 3 parties:

You yourself-Your role here would be an employee. We don’t use the word employee in freelancing. Instead we use the word “Freelancer”. Your job is to do the tasks that you choose according to your skills. You need to entirely satisfy clients requirements in order to get paid for the job.

The freelancing website you are using- This is the website in which you get jobs to do. The freelancing website is like an intermediary between you, the freelancer and the client. Whenever you successfully complete the job or task by satisfying clients requirements you get paid. But the freelancing website takes a small part of your pay as fees or commission. Fees from your perspective. Commission from their perspective

The client- A client is a person or an organisation or in simple words an employer who provides you the temporary job or task that needs to be completed within the given time frame.

Things you will need to become successful in freelancing:

1)Laptop or computer or notebook

2)Fast internet connection

3)The essential skills required for the job or task.

4)Efficiency, accuracy and timely completion of the job

5)Hard work and smart work


  • It is a great way to pass your time and the same time earn some extra cash
  • Increases your exposure
  • Increases your popularity when you perform well
  • You get access to a lot of jobs at the comfort of your home
  • You gain a lot of experience which in turn makes you learn new things so that you can work better. We all know that experience is the best teacher? Isn’t it?


  • Difficult to find jobs as there are many established freelancers out there
  • Difficult to find legit freelancing websites
  • Sometimes or in certain circumstances, the clients get their job done but don’t pay you. For instance,in some freelancing websites there is no guarantee to receive payments from unverified clients
  • If the client is not satisfied with your job he/she might ask you to redo it or not pay you for what you have done so far. It depends on the situation though.

For whom is freelancing best suited?

Housewives ,Unemployed and people who have a lot of free time or spare time.

Again it depends on the individual. There are people who are able to manage their full time work at their office and the same time do freelancing. It all depends as to how fast you can finish the work and how interested you are in. Some people are not able to cope up with both office and freelancing and eventually quit. So its an individuals perspective. Each person is different.

So is it good to be a freelancer full time?

No. I feel it is a no.

Its a no in my opinion because I feel that freelancing is best for housewives or unemployed or people with a lot of free time

For the ones who already have an existing job could do it part time that is in their free time. There is no need to quit your job because freelancing doesn’t guarantee you a recurring income. You might loose your clients at any point of time. There is no guarantee. So why take the risk? Pursue this as a hobby instead if you wish.

Internet serious business 4:

Affiliate marketing and social media marketing

This is one of the popular methods of monetizing your blog or website to earn money. Before I go into the details let us first know the basics.

Affiliate marketing refers to promoting products of other websites on your blog. When some one clicks on the product and purchases it you get commission for the sale.

Affiliate marketing is also done using social media marketing tools such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.  by creating a page or by linking to your blog posts.

Internet serious business 5:

Becoming an online tutor by providing high quality tuition-

This is one of the Internet serious business which provides money for people who are good at teaching in a particular field. Either you can start teaching people directly via Skype or other video calling services or you can join sites that hire tutors for cash. You can charge them on a hourly basis and earn.  The best part is you get paid to teach. Isn’t that great?

Things you will need:

  1. A laptop
  2. An internet connection
  3. Thorough Knowledge of the subject
  4. Ability to clarify students doubts

Precautions to take when you do Internet serious business:

1)Do not pay any fees to join any website

There are a lot of sites which claim that you can earn 500$, 1000$,etc.  by making a small investment. Please be aware that these are scams. There is no need for you to pay them anything. They should pay you. Do not fall for such scams. BEWARE

2)Research the website thoroughly to see if it is legit or not

Make a thorough research of every website you join either as freelancer or as a tutor. See their past if they have been paying consistently. Then only decide to join or not. Because there are many scams on the internet. Of course there are legit sites as well I do not deny but there are scam sites as well.

3)Be careful while sharing your personal information on the internet-

You need to be very careful before you share your personal details such as full name, address, sensitive information, etc. with any website for that matter. Until or unless you fully trust the site do not share your personal details. Beware of malware and phishing.

4)Never quit your day job-

I agree to the fact that you can make money online. That’s great but do not quit your day job even if you are earning more. I say this because there is no guarantee that you will always earn more online. There might be a time when the website shuts down, or they are no longer accepting members. So in my opinion these jobs should be done only in your free time.  A day job is something which provides you recurring income so you shouldn’t quit it in my opinion.

5)These jobs aren’t suitable if you have health issues-

Jobs like freelancing or others require that you stare at the computer for hours (depending on the job). So if you have health issues you probably shouldn’t go for these jobs. Because in freelancing there is a time requirement. If you are not able to complete the job within the given point of time you will probably not get paid. Hence its better you don’t opt for this

In conclusion about Internet serious business

Internet serious business as the name suggests should be taken seriously. When I say seriously I mean that you should be dedicated, focused, consistent, patient and performing well to be successful. The most important thing is to choose the legit sites and work with them in the long run. Do your research all the best!

Not just that you shouldn’t think too much about a lot of money because if you don’t get the money that you thought off that might create disappointments and sadness within you. So just take this as  a hobby and start enjoying it. That way you won’t be disappointed even if you aren’t earning that much coz you wouldn’t expect to earn from your hobby. Would you?


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