Offline earning-at the comfort of your home based on your interest

Introduction Earning offline refers to earning money without the help of internet that is without using internet. In this post I have written the possible methods you can earn money offline. Here money can be


Earning offline refers to earning money without the help of internet that is without using internet.

In this post I have written the possible methods you can earn money offline. Here money can be earned without using internet. You can do this  if you have the required skills  for a particular  task.

Let us say for instance, If  you are good at dancing, you can conduct dance classes for your students and earn money.

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Offline earning methods from home:

1)Taking tuition for small kids and for bigger kids-                                                         

Taking tuition in my opinion, is the easiest ways to kick  start your career at home as it requires less skills  when compared to other jobs at home.You need to be proficient in order to teach bigger kids. If you are good in the subjects that the students require coaching then this job will be pretty simple for you.

Suitability-It is  suitable for housewives and  for people who want to earn extra money in their free time.

2)Singing and Quoir  classes-                                                                                                     

Singing classes aren’t that profitable but it really depends on the area that you are located in. You can charge less amounts in order to gain more students. But once you reach popularity you can increase the fees.

3) Guitar, Piano, Tabla classes,etc.-                                                                                           

There are people who are fond of learning new instruments every now and then. You need to target them in order to earn more. The better you teach the more impressed your students will be!

You can do this part-time and it will serve as an additional source of income along with your day-job.

Keep the fees nominal in order to compete well with your competitors.

4)Cooking classes-                                                                                                                           

 Love for cooking is an essential attritubute to succeed.  You can conduct cooking classes, more  specifically baking classes.

It depends if people are willing to learn from you, you could make a little amount of cash.

You can make the classes more interesting by teaching the recipes that your students wish to learn.

5)Yoga classes-                                                                                                                                 

Suitable for the ones who are ready to wake up early in the mornings and teach others.

You need to be a trained yoga teacher though as yoga is something which is very vast and has its own implications.

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6)Dance classes-                                                                                                                               

Western dance, salsa, traditional dance, etc could help you in making reasonable amount of cash. the more you know the better


This is an easy way to earn money if you have the required skills. You need to be good at stitching varieties of clothes, dresses, bedsheets,etc. accurately at first stance in a timely manner in order to succeed in this field.

Also you need to have your own tools such as good quality sewing machine, thread, scissors, measuring tape and etc.

Tips to earn more

  •  You need to be able to finish the  work fast and accurately without making a single mistake.
  •  When customers place orders with you, you need to take the right measurement.
  •  Also make sure that you collect the stitching charges well in advance so that you avoid payment delays from customer.
  • It must be done by collecting orders and money in advance from customers. That way you can make sure that the customers have paid you on time

8) Creches or baby sitting –                                                                                                               

  •  If you have ample space in your home with the required facilities you can start a small creche to help working mothers.
  • This job is suitable for housewives as they are at home the whole day.
  • Ability to handle kids patiently is an essential attribute for this job

Risks in this job– Parents might blame you if their child is lost or hurt.

9) Ironing clothes or laundry-                                                                                                                 

  • Many people who are busy give their clothes for ironing outside. You could do it instead if you are really interested.
  • The only catch here is that you need to be careful while ironing others clothes because they will not forgive you if it burns!
  • Secondly you need to be very careful that you do not hurt yourself while ironing.

10) Selling paintings                                                                                                                     

First of all you need to be a good painter. Only if you are able to draw the things that people like will you even be considered.

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  • Above all, it can be done by anyone who has the required skills like housewives, unemployed people, retired persons, etc
  • Your travelling expenses are reduced
  • You can save time and it  serves as an additional income source.
  • Keeps your mind occupied because it is a good way to pass time.
  • Increases your level of experience.


  • This isn’t possible if the place  is too small or congested.
  • As a result, providing the required facilities and Equipment is costly
  • In contrast with all the students, getting the fees on time from everyone is a difficult task.
  • Seems like some jobs are more risky than the others.


Most noteworthy point for all the above earning methods is that you need to follow the rules and regulations in the area that you are located in. 

For example- Since there are different rules regarding paintings and creches in different states, you need to follow the norms pertaining to them accordingly.

Choose viable alternatives that are allowed in your area viz  within the legal framework

Do you have any experience of working at home offline? Do share your experience in the comments section below



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