Way to become successful in your career- tips that might help

Career is basically the job that you do in any field that you are specialized in. Often the question spurts in our mind? How to achieve success. In this article I have written the way

Career is basically the job that you do in any field that you are specialized in. Often the question spurts in our mind? How to achieve success. In this article I have written the way that might help you in achieving success

Way 1-


This is the first and most important tip. A person should try to save as much money as possible by curbing down on expenses and expenses should be minimized. The more you save the more it helps you during future emergencies.

Way 2-

Hard work plus smart work

In order to succeed in any field one needs to work hard. Hard work coupled with smart work equals success.

Let us say for example  a person is working in a company and he needs to finish a minimum target of 100 cases per day within 8 hours.

So  he/she needs to work hard and finish all the cases fast before others complete, hence he/she chooses to work hard by sitting in front of the system but is not able to accomplish the target even after extending. The reason is because the person worked hard but the person didn’t work smart.

A smart manner of working would be to finish all the easy cases first and then the difficult cases or to complete two easy cases first and then one difficult case or a different strategy. What the person lacked here was a strategy and strategy is  a part of smart work. Hard work plus smart work leads to success.

Way 3-

Choosing the right profession

A person needs to choose a profession according to his/her abilities. Supposing if a person is very good in marketing but he/she lands himself/ herself up in finance, will he/she be able to succeed in life. Obviously not! Hence a person needs to choose a profession which he/she is good at and confident in excelling.

Way 4-

Having the best back up plan

It is a known fact that some people have a passion, like to become actors,singers, musicians, sports persons, etc. But lets face reality not everyone will get selected. In very rare circumstances is everyone or at least most of them selected.This isn’t been said to disappoint anyone but it is a fact that only few get shortlisted. Hence a person’s passion shouldn’t cause pain to him/her in the long run.

Hence he/she should be prepared with  the best back up plan in case he/she fails in his/her passion. So what is the best back up plan?- The best back up plan means choosing an alternative profession which will give you good income. For example- If  a person who has completed M.A.  is very much passionate about getting into acting. He/she should keep a back up plan. The back up plan in this case is that the person can go for teaching as he/she is a Master of Arts holder if he/she fails in acting

Way 5-

Experience matters

In organisations experience matters. Hence if a person works in an organisation for 5 years, his/her salary keeps increasing year after year. Also there are organisations who hire experienced persons and are willing to pay them very well. A fat pack of salary every month! Hence building experience in the right field matters. Hence learning more and adding value to oneself matters a lot. Working with enthusiasm and interest makes the job role easier and interesting. Hence  a person needs to love what he/she does. When  a person starts loving what he/she does he/she is interested to work more, thereby not only benefiting oneself but also benefiting the organisation.

Way 6-

Working during free time

Working during free time contributes to an additional source of income. There are many people who upload videos on you tube and earn money. Freelancing jobs also pay well. There are many scams too. Hence analyse and choose only the genuine sources. Popular genuine websites also turn out to be scams after sometime. Hence be careful before giving out your personal data. Also many people earn a lot of cash in their free time from paid to click sites and paid to read sites by adopting various referral strategies.

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Way 7-

Adopting a healthy lifestyle

When  a person adopts a healthy lifestyle his/her medical expenses goes down. Healthy lifestyle refers to following a balanced diet with a proper intake of carbohydrates, fats, minerals, calcium and protein. Replacing artificial drinks with natural drinks also forms a part of healthy lifestyle. Thinking positive and having a healthy competition with other persons also contributes in being healthy. Health is the greatest wealth. Only when a person is healthy will he/she be able to work well, earn nice money and enjoy life. Sleeping for sufficient periods of time that is not oversleeping or under sleeping also helps a person to be healthy. Brain also needs rest and sufficient rest should be given to the brain everyday.

Way 8-

Aim higher

In order to achieve something  great one needs to aim high. Not only aiming high but also working hard to achieve that aim is essential. Hard work , dedication and smart work to achieve that aim.

Way 9-

Being positive

Sometimes life gives a lot of bad situations. But a person needs to stay positive in every situation. Being positive helps the mind relax and focus. A negative mindset has negative impacts. Supposing if a person is pessimistic all the time, he/she might turn his pessimism to reality. Even though nothing bad is to happen a person’s negative thoughts will make bad happen. Hence being positive all the time is very much essential to achieve success in life.

Way 10-

Learning from other people’s experiences

In an organisation or in an educational institution there are people who are highly experienced. A lot needs to be learnt from them. Experienced people have knowledge and more ways of dealing situations and a lot of new techniques.  Hence a lot needs to be learned from them on a daily basis

Way 11-

Sleeping early and waking up early

When a person sleeps early he/she is able to wake up early. When a person is able to wake up early he/she is able to plan and prioritize. The day is good from start to end and everything goes as per planned in most of the situations. This increases self confidence, increases productivity and efficiency and allows a person to be happy and work well

Way 12-


A person needs to spend time in relaxing everyday. Work pressure increases day by day. Hence in order to work properly a person needs to take time to relax by taking short breaks, going for a short walk, reading jokes, etc. This helps in allowing the mind to relax and take rest, thereby the efficiency of the person improves. Also a person can relax during the evenings. Relaxing sometime after work helps the mind to calm down and feel well so that the whole body can work well during the next day.

Way 13-

Belief in oneself

Having faith in oneself also contributes to be happy and become successful. When a person starts believing in his/her abilities he/she is able to work even in the toughest of situations without giving up. Hence a person needs to have faith in his/her abilities in order to reach greater heights. With self confidence and belief, comes hard work, with hard work comes smart work, with smart comes productivity and efficiency, with productivity and efficiency comes happiness and with happiness comes self satisfaction and success.

Way 14-

Reading inspirational and motivating stories

Reading inspirational stories of other people’s success helps in creating a positive vibe in oneself and helps in achieving success. Remembering the beautiful stories of inspirational people everyday brings a positive vibe and motivates a person to reach greater heights.

Way 15-

Improving oneself day by day

A person needs to improve oneself day by day that is he/she needs to learn something new, update his/her skills, increase his/her  knowledge day by day. Learning leads to leading . Leading leads to become the best and being the best leads to success.

Rich Tip 16-

Never give up!

The attitude of never giving up in life whether the situation is good or bad is the number one step to success. Hence in order to succeed in any field for that matter one needs to work with zeal and enthusiasm no matter how bad the situation is. Having a don’t give up attitude is the first step to achieve anything in life and to work towards a particular goal or a set of goals.

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